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2019-10-13 21:10

the. NET backend server SDK for Azure App Service Mobile Apps. Learn how to work with the. NET backend server SDK for Azure App Service Mobile NuGetThis library enables you to develop scalable and secure. NET mobile mobile DEPRECATED: Azure Mobile Services is azure mobile service .net backend nuget

This client library enables client applications to connect to Windows Azure Mobile Services. Mobile Services allows you to develop an app with a scalable and secure backend hosted in Windows Azure.

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After updating the nuget packages for a previously working Azure Mobile Service (. Net backend), I now get the following error when accessing Table updating changelog& fixing links in nuget packages: This repo contains the. NET backend for Azure Mobile appsnetserver. git cd. azuremobileappsnetazure mobile service .net backend nuget Scope. This article has the goal to show how to update a. NET back end project from Azure Mobile Services, this means we will update the project references using Nuget

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Jul 28, 2014 and more in this latest batch of updates for Azure Mobile Services. NET. your mobile service. NET Backend Security Extension Nuget azure mobile service .net backend nuget Apr 10, 2014 In the case of the. NET backend of azure mobile services, NuGet will install the more about how the. NET backend is hosted in the Azure Mobile This article contains Questions& Answers about Azure Mobile Services and provides tips for the. Net backend. This package contains everything you need to expose structured storage using Azure Storage as part of your. NET mobile backend hosted in Microsoft Azure.