Does samsung galaxy have read receipts

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2019-08-20 13:09

Is there a way to turn onoff email delivery and read receipts on the Samsung S8 email app?Aug 06, 2014  I have a Samsung Galaxy S5and. . ? So I have the GS5 and I was wondering how to add a read receipt on my phone. I've watched people do it on youtube with other androids and even the GS5but every time I got to my messages, settings, I look for delivery reports and I don't have that option. Does anyone know what's does samsung galaxy have read receipts

Samsung Galaxy S7 Read Receipt Views: 1033 Replies: 1 Is there anyone that knows how to send a request for delivery receipt or read receipt on their email from a Galaxy S7. Just was chatting with someone at Samsung and they claim there is no such feature which is absurd

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How do you set up read receipt on samsung galaxy s? Can you explain how to do this. Post to Facebook. Post to Twitter. Subscribe me. Related Discussions: Anonymous: 0. 0 On galaxy s5 on text msg received you get a number of texts when you first turn on is there a settuing for gmail to let you know if you have On galaxy s5 on text msg Samsung Galaxy S7 How to enable delivery report for text messages If you want to know whether a contact of you received your text message on his then you must turn on the SMS delivery report within the Samsung Galaxy S7 settings. This is also known by the name of message receipt.does samsung galaxy have read receipts This past weekend I picked up the S8. My girlfriend also got one then pointed out that the read receipts weren't displaying. We both have Sprint.

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Re: Text message read receipt Galaxy S 8 My Wifes S8 plus has this option when we downloaded Android Messages but my S8 plus does not. I have factory reset twice and ordered a new sim card and still cannot get past the screen that enables this. does samsung galaxy have read receipts Samsung galaxy text read receipts. My little brother had my phone and put in my lock pattern on my samsung galaxy and it is saying to sign into a google account which i dont have what d; If im texting someone alot but they dont answer and dont tell me to stop, can they file a restraining order? im afraid im harassing them n said id sto; Samsung s4 text setting for read Feb 13, 2013 Not for email, I mean for messaging (Texts) I know iPhones have it and it bothers me that the gs3 doesn't, it's the little things you know? Anyways, if there isn't we should get SamsungAndroid to release an update to the gs3 for read receipts. Nov 06, 2012  does samsung galaxy s3 have read receipts, galaxy s3 can i see when somone reads your text on samsung, how to see if someone read your text galaxy