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Get HTC Windows Phone 8X (PM ) support for the topic: Qslide. Find more stepbystep device tutorials on att. com.Jan 01, 2015  However, after an hour on the phone with LG, and two factory resets later, they tell me the browser is not one of the apps available for the QSlide function on the LG Volt. What? ? ? That is one of the most valuable apps to phones with qslide

To use the QSlide app again, move the slider back to the right. You can also make a call, browse the web, send a text message or choose other phone options while using QSlide. Tap to exit the QSlide function. Tap QSlide in the notification panel to showhide the QSLIDE APPS tray on the notification panel.

phones with qslide

Tools QSlide The QSlide function enables an overlay window on your phones display for easy multitasking. The overlay window can be moved, resized, or made transparent. QSlide windows can be opened directly from the apps that support the QSlide function. Drag the QSlide title bar to move it on the screen. Drag the bottom right corner of the QSlide window to resize it. Move the circle on the slider bar to the left to make it transparent. This will allow you to interact with items underneath the transparent QSlide window. Move the slider back to the right to use the QSlide window again.phones with qslide Oct 20, 2012  QSlide is a new features that comes with LG Optimus G variants. Much like Samsung's Popup Play, it allows you to watch a video and perform other tasks in your

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LG steps up its mobile game with the new innovative multitasking function QSlide, featured on the Optimus G, quite possibly the companys most ambitious device on the market to date. Similar features can be found on other devices such as Samsungs Galaxy S III, and the new Note II. phones with qslide Jul 24, 2016 QSlide app is available for LG G2, G3, G4, G5, G6 and other models. Learn how to use and edit QSlide bar. Just swipe your finger down to reveal your notification panel. QSlide. The QSlide function enables an overlay on your phone's display for easy multitasking. While using an app that supports QSlide, tap to access QSlide. or Open