Iphone 6 water damage repair uk

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2019-08-18 12:45

If your iPhone was damaged and you have AppleCare, the coverage includes two incidents of accidental damage. Each incident has an excess fee shown below. If you dont have AppleCare, your repair fee will vary up to the outofwarranty fee below.Accidents happen all the time, and the water damage accident is the second most common (and even worst than the first one in terms of damage to the phone), after the accidental damage to an iPhone when the screen gets cracked. iphone 6 water damage repair uk

My iPhone 6 fell in water, the screen went gray with colored lines then black. I will say the rice did not work to well after about 12 hours in the rice i took it out and opened up the phone to dry the inside and then placed it in silica packets for about 12 hours. This worked well and now my phone works fine got all my data back.

iphone water damage

See our iPhone 6 repair prices here. So go ahead and book your iPhone 6 screen repair with iMend. com today! Water Liquid Damage Repair. Price trend of Water Damage Repair for Apple iPhone 6 Port Repair If your Apple iPhone 6 does not charge properly anymore or you experience problems connecting to your PC or MAC a repair or replacement of the phone connector port could be necessary.iphone 6 water damage repair uk Have you dropped your iPhone 6 in some type of liquid, or maybe a drink? What about a sink or worse a toilet? Maybe you accidentally got pushed in

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Our iPhone 6 Water Damage consists of us removing all corrosion from the device and testing all hardware components to determine exactly what is at fault. Any part components thatll need replacing will be billed separately. iphone 6 water damage repair uk