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2019-08-17 16:09

The Drizzy App is here. Yes, this app will allow you to respond with your favorite Drake lyrics. Had a few cups of the ros and trying to text some friends or potential hookups? Have no fear. The Drizzy App is here. Yes, this app will allow you to respond with your favorite Drake lyrics. Drizzy App: The App That Lets You Turn Into DrakeWe know Drake likes to sing about texting his exes. So, those lyrics make pretty great candidates for actual text messages. A new app, Drizzy, makes that dream a reality. Drizzy functions as a Drakelyrics keyboard for your phone. drizzy app lyrics

Mar 23, 2015  Drizzy's pretyped soundbites are compatible like an emoji with any app that uses a keyboard, such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Tinder. Drizzy features Drakespeak in categories such as Motivation, Feels, Hustle, Exes, Hate.

drizzy app lyrics

That, however, did not stop me from spending my entire weekend responding to people on Tinder with exclusively Drake lyrics generated from the new app Drizzy and it was basically the social equivalent of a toddler driving a tractor trailer. The new Drizzy app allows Drake fans to respond to texts, SnapChat, Tinder, or any app with a keyboard solely using Drake lyrics. drizzyapp. com This could be dangerous news for Tinder users out there.drizzy app lyrics One of these is Drizzy the perfect app for people who like Drake enough to want to use his lyrics while texting but don't actually listen

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The new Drizzy app is the most entertaining text feature we've seen since emojis were the hot new thing on the scene. Now you have an excuse to text everyone in your contacts list using only Drake lyrics. drizzy app lyrics This is it, guys: We have peaked as a civilization, because now, there is an app for everything including making those feelings that are best explained via Drake lyrics even easier to express. Thanks to the Drizzy Keyboard, iPhone app, you can You can hit your friends with a little emoji or the boring old lol texts, sure, but now you can also reach them with nothing but Drake lyrics. . Drizzy, which is available through Apples App Store, brings Drakes rhymes to your keyboard. Drizzy. 5, 432 likes 3 talking about this. Search, collect& share lyrics, in any app, right from your keyboard.