Reachability ios 8 swift

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2019-08-20 13:29

I'm developing an iOS application written in Swift that communicates with a HTTP server on the local network, and I'm using Apple's Reachability class to determine wether the remote machine runningWe would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. reachability ios 8 swift

Network reachability is very important for mobile application. This tutorial shows you how to write a reachability class in Swift 3 for iOS.

reachability ios swift

Detecting Network Connectivity Changes using Reachability, available for the Mac and in combination with the iOS swift. let reachability I'm using the following code to check for reachability: if true xy else yz My problem is, that the reachability always isreachability ios 8 swift I have a huge problem! I'm trying to implement reachability in an app using Xcode 8 Beta 3 and Swift. When the user have internet (wifi or 4G): the background turns green.

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Replacement for Apple's Reachability rewritten in Swift with closures. It is compatible with iOS (8. 0 11. 0 Add github to reachability ios 8 swift Please check out the ios10 feature branch which has been updated to Swift 3 Please log any issues and create PRs to that branch I am rewriting my existing ObjectiveC code (iOS) to Swift and now am facing some issues with the Reachability class of Apple for checking network availability In my existing code I am using the