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2019-08-24 03:35

Do you want to configure Google chrome cast Setup on your iPhone 6 or 6s? If yes, then today, we are going to discuss the steps to configure it on your device. After getting connected to thePlug in Chromecast. Install the Google Home app by navigating to g. cohomesetup on your Chromecast supported iOS device. Or click to download the Google Home app for iOS. Make sure to connect your mobile devicetablet to the same WiFi network that you intend to use to set up your Chromecast device. Open the Google Home app. chromecast iphone ios6

Aug 28, 2013 Plug the Chromecast into your TV, connect the power cord, turn on the TV, and switch to the proper HDMI input setting. Next, download the Chromecast app on your iPhone or iPad, and while it is installing go to Settings, turn on WiFi, and connect to the Chromecast option.

chromecast iphone ios

Videostream is one of the best Chromecast apps for streaming content from your computer to your Chromecastconnected TV. The app for iPhone and iPad allows you to remotely control all your media from your phone. Overall, the most popular way to stream content from a mobile device to a Chromecast is to use apps that support the Chromecast standard for streaming right within their respective iOS app. Setting up your Chromecast device is as easy as downloading the Google Home app from the iOS app store and using it to set up your streaming devicechromecast iphone ios6

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