Czech citizenship application

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She could apply for Czech citizenship normally after 3 years of permanent residence, which would be in 2015. However, as a spouse of a citizen of the Czech Republic, living with him in a shared household, she could ask for an exception pursuant to Section 15 (1) (e) of the new Act and apply already in 2014).Aug 15, 2007 Thank you for your assistance, my father was a Czech citizen, my sisters and I are Australian Citizens by birth. I have had discussions with the Czech Consulate in Sydney, the Immigration Department in Czech Republic, the Czech Consulate in Toronto and everyone had a different story as to how we go about it! czech citizenship application

When you are granted Czech citizenship you will get a Certificate of Czech Citizenship. Citizenship law is quite complicated. As a rule of thumb, you need to have at least one parent who is a Czech citizen or who holds a Residency Permit to

czech citizenship application

How can the answer be improved? The statutory conditions for granting Czech citizenship are as follows: The applicant, on the date of filing the application, has resided continuously in the Czech Republic based on a residency permit. The applicant has to prove that he or she has truly been living in the Czech Republic for at least half of the residence period specified inczech citizenship application New Citizenship legislation of the Czech Republic Children claiming Czech nationality through the father. Father signs an acknowledgement of paternity. Authorities responsible for nationality matters.

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Citizenship certificate issued in last 12 months is a proof of Czech citizenship. Its possession is not mandatory as a valid passport or national identity card ( obansk prkaz ) can be used as a proof of Czech citizenship. czech citizenship application Citizenship of the Czech Republic. esky. Foreign nationals with a permanent residence permit for the Czech Republic have the option of obtaining citizenship of the Czech Republic by conferment. The conditions of conferring state citizenship are set out by Act No. Coll. , on Acquiring and Losing Citizenship of the Czech Republic, as