Phone exercises

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If the 'reception' on your mobilecell phone is good, then the quality of the phone call should be good (you can hear everything very clearly). If the 'reception' is bad or poor, than the quality of the phone call will be bad (you can't hear everything very clearly) or you can't make the phone call.Unit 4: Using the Telephone Day 1 Objectives: Customer Service Skills Job Readiness Skills Grammar and Pronunciation Skills Identify workplace telephone skills and tasks. Answer the telephone. Transfer a call. End a telephone call. Build interview skills. Spell names clearly. Ask for repetition and clarification. phone exercises

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phone exercises

TELEPHONE Classic 'Find pay phone persontoperson phone bill. phone book phone booth phone call phone card Gapfill exercise; Answer Key attached Level www. autoenglish. org Written by Bob Wilson Robert Clifford McNa ir Wilson Phone English Exercise A Match the phrases withphone exercises Exercise about a telephone conversation about a lady calling a sports store to have her exercise bike repaired

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Exercises for Practicing Speaking on the Telephone Here are a few suggestions for practicing phone calls without looking at your partner: In the same room Put your chairs back to back and practice speaking on the phone, you will only hear the other person's voice which will approximate a telephone situation. phone exercises In this exercise, delegates will go through a number of roleplays to practice challenging scenarios. Objective. Make a simulated phone conversation based on given scenario and take steps to improve your response. What You Need. Scenario cards provided below. Setup. This exercise has two stages. PART 1: Ask two volunteers to come forward.