Facebook iphone calendar unsync

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2019-09-20 10:52

SAMSUNG Galaxy s4 How I DELETED THE BIRTHDAYS AND EVENTS: Open the month calendar, UNDER the screen tap on the lower left side of the phone case for the OPTION BOX to pop up.Go into Calendar on your iPhone, select calendars from top left hand corner. Scroll done to below all iCloud calendars to Facebook and facebook iphone calendar unsync

How to unsync old calendars from iPhone May 1, 2014 10: 10 AM Subscribe I have Gmail old calendars from an old workplace on my iPhone that it all of a sudden revived and seems steadfastly opposed to allowing me to remove.

facebook iphone calendar

In Facebook you have notification settings that help remind you of your friends birthdays but it will be easier to keep track of all the dates if you could add all your Facebook friends birthday to your iPhone calendar. I know my Windows Live account is necessary for email and Windows Store purchases. However, I would like my Calendar and Contacts to sync (backup) to my PC and NOT to my Windows Live account.facebook iphone calendar unsync Mar 31, 2013 As I understand that you want to remove Facebook birthdays from my windows 8 calendar. I believe your Facebook account is linked to your Hotmail account so after configuring the account to Calendar app, all birthdays are synced.

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How do i unsync my facebook events from my samsung note 2 calendar? To logout sony xperia m go to settings tool then click facebook. then top right horizontal 3 fullstop mark. click remove account. it will logout facebook iphone calendar unsync May 02, 2014 my calendar is synced with my hotmailoutlook account, and all of the Facebook birthdays are showing up as well. I want the Facebook information gone and can not for the life of me find where to do it.