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Since this is the case, any time an app asks for permission to a particular thing, such as drawing over other apps, the user's yes or no response is recorded. As the user, you can change your response later, which is the essence of what that popup window is asking: the window is saying, I cannot do what I need to do, unless you change yourAndroid app that runs on top of ALL other apps? Ask Question. It's the same as TYPESYSTEMOVERLAY. On Android 4. 4, TYPETOAST removed from the excluded list, so you can also use TYPETOAST to receive touch events on Android 4. 4 devices. Saving Android Activity state using Save Instance State. 3090. Closehide the Android android activity overlay over other app

How to overlay a View over everything on the screen This tutorial will teach you how to place a view over all apps on Android. This means, your view will always be visible on the screen, no matter what application the user is using currently.

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Aug 12, 2017 This video is about the issue which says screen overlay detected & doesn't let you give permissions to your app. Watch the video and do let me know of you same other problems in your phone. Determine which app is drawing on top of other apps? You may alternatively strip the permission of Draw over other apps (screen overlay in short) from the apps using this command: The permission required by an app to create an overlay isandroid activity overlay over other app Android Tutorial: Overlay with User Instructions. Christian January 19, One RelativeLayout representing your overlay and the other RelativeLayout your app. This is all folks, In this tutorial I gave an example of an overlay activity in Android. The next tutorial we will extend this app with local storage and setting the clothing sizes.

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How do you create a transparent activity that can overlay the home screen but is not dismissed when the home or back button is pressed? Ask android activity overlay over other app If youre using Android Oreo, the Settings menu has been redesigned so most things are slightly different than other modern versions of Android, including the Draw Over Other Apps feature. First, pull the notification shade and tap the gear icon to open Settings. How to overlay views in other apps. Ask Question. up vote 15 down vote favorite. 4. Draw Over Other Apps. check these answers DRAW OVER OTHER APP is which permission in android. How to draw a view on top of everything? DRAW OVER OTHER APP is which permission in android. 19. Sep 23, 2009. Is it possible to create an Android activity as an overlay above other application? If yes, please provide me a pointer. View 7 Replies