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Granting Power of Attorney in AIA Applications January 07, 2016 By Stephanie M. Sanders Edited by Adriana L. Burgy. For applications having an actual filing date on or after September 16, 2012, a party applying for a patent has the option of naming the inventor or joint inventors of the invention as the applicant or naming the assignee, anTo use our POA web application, simply: Log in to (or create) your Online Services account. Select Other tools (or Business tools) under the Services menu. Select File a power of attorney from the dropdown menu. Complete the required data fields. Print and sign the form. Scan and attach the signed form to submit. power of attorney applications

If a power of attorney names more than ten patent practitioners, such power of attorney must be accompanied by a separate paper indicating which ten patent practitioners named in the power of attorney are to be recognized by the Office as being of record in the application or patent to which the power of attorney is directed.

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Conversely, applications filed on or after September 16, 2012 can have Inventors or Assignees as Applicants. The choice of Applicant Inventors or Assignees upon filing in postAIA applications affects how Power of Attorney can be properly established before the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). a Revocation of Power of Attorney. You must give a copy of the revocation to any person who might have or will possibly deal with your agent. No one is ever legally required to accept a power of attorney (even a military power of attorney), regardless of the legality or validity of the power of attorney.power of attorney applications Special Power of Attorney You can specify exactly what powers an agent may exercise by signing a special power of attorney. This is often used when one cannot handle certain affairs due to other commitments or health reasons. Selling property (personal and real), managing real estate, collecting debts, and handling business transactions are some

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