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Sep 07, 2010  All the contacts you have on your iPhone will be backed up to your SIM card. Now if you want to move these contacts that are on your SIM to your iPhone, goThough your iPhone doesn't store contacts on the SIM card, if you are switching from a nonApple smartphone to iPhone 6s6 5s54 or transferring iPhone to another cellular carrier, you may have contact information that on the old SIM that you want to import contacts from sim iphone 5

Step 1. Go to Contacts App on your iPhone, find the contacts you want to transfer to SIM card, select Share Contact and share those contacts via email. Step 2. Download vCards shared via email on an Android phone. Go to Contacts

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Import Contacts from SIM Card Apple iPhone From the Home screen, navigate: Settings Contacts Import SIM Contacts. If applicable, tap the Import Sim Contacts to iPhone. Step 5: Wait some time for the contact info to be taken from old SIM card and transferred to the iPhone. Step 6: Reinsert the usual SIM card into your iPhone (if eligible). If your SIM card contains a lot of information, it might take a while for all the contacts to appear on your iPhone.import contacts from sim iphone 5 How can the answer be improved?

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Import contacts stored on a SIM card If your iPhone isn't using the SIM from your old phone: . Tap Settings Contacts Import SIM Contacts. Wait for the import to import contacts from sim iphone 5 How to import SIM contacts on my Apple iPhone 5 Touch Settings. Scroll to and touch Contacts. Scroll to and touch Import SIM Contacts. The SIM contacts are imported. Aug 11, 2014  Q: transfer phone numbers from sim to Iphone 5 by chattphotos, This tutorial should help you import SIM contacts. by Ethmoid, You would need to connect the whole phone to your computer via a usb cable by chattphotos, I'm not sure I understand your response. by DawsonDebbie, My problem was that my old phone is now