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The iPad will attempt to connect to the network, and when finished, will display the WiFi settings screen again, but this time with the joined network listed and with a checkmark next to it as shown below.The search screen will appear and you can type settings into the input box to reveal the Settings app icon. At that point, you can just tap the icon just as you would on the Home Screen. Quick Tip: If you are the type that constantly likes to tweak settings, you can move the Settings icon to the dock at the bottom of the iPad's screen. ipad search settings

How to turn off Siri Suggestions in search. If you'd prefer to be able to search your iPhone or iPad without having Siri suggesting to you what apps to use or websites to check out, you can always turn off Siri Suggestions in the menu. Launch the Settings app from the Home screen. Tap Siri& Search. Tap the Suggestions in Search OnOff switch.

ipad search settings

How to Search Settings on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch You will need iOS 9 or later to have the option to search Settings. Open up the Settings app and pull down to reveal the top of the app. Above everything listed below is the Search bar. Sep 22, 2015  How to Search Settings in iOS. Use this to quickly find and access settings in iOS: Open the Settings app on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch; At the primary Settings app screen, tap and pull down on the settings screen to reveal the Search box at the top of the Settings screenipad search settings Go to Settings Siri& Search. From here, you can turn Siri& Search Suggestions on or off and choose which apps to include in your searches. For example, if you dont want to see search results from your Messages app, you can deselect Messages.

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On the iPad unlike PCs, most settings options are supposed to be set in settings, not in the app itself. At the bottom of the standard list of settings is a listing of all installed apps. By touching a particular app you will display the available settings. ipad search settings