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We have additional feature to add music to single photo or can add dozens of photos with slideshow and background music. Also, it features nice options such as Audio Fade INOUT, and different volumes for different tracks. 7. Add Audio to Video. This app is available in Android and it is helpful in changing background music of videos.Feb 25, 2016 Mobile Apps How to keep YouTube audio playing in the background on iOS. Disclaimer: It works only with headphones that have an inline remote. ios 7 background music

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Please note that you can replace. DuckOthers with [ if you don't want to lower background music and instead play on top to it. Sep 20, 2013 With the new background option for developers in iOS 7, location services, music playback, How to turn off Background App Refresh in iOS 7ios 7 background music We show you how you can listen to music on YouTube in the background How to play YouTube in the background How to listen to YouTube in the background in iOS 7.

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After recording (through headset) my music file output will be a combination of the sound recorded through mic the background music played through the speaker. But my issue is that the sound of the background music played through the speaker is very low on the final output music. ios 7 background music How to play YouTube in background on iOS 7 method 1: In the YouTube app for your iOS device, select the video you want to play YouTube in background. Play it and at the bottom right of the screen, tap on the share icon. From the options, select Message. This process will take you to the stock iOS messaging app.