Film Review: Free The Mind

Film Review: Free The Mind

By Nick Hanekom

28 September 2014

I had no idea prior what Free The Mind would be about, I just ‘oh yay free film let’s go!!’

I probably can’t say ‘I nominate this to be the best film of the recovery film fest’ as I haven’t seen the others but…I’m going to do it anyway!

Its powerful to watch something we often avoid to talk about, something so real we have all experienced it in one way or another, anxiety,  depression, being scared or paranoid and the truth is it will get worse if not communicated or dealt with and the film explores this fantastically, regardless whether you are five or going through a divorce we all experience it and the most effective way in dealing with it  is through teaching your mind not to be so overwhelmed by what it feels that you become that.


It’s possible to be okay in any  stressful situation we can control how we react to it by gaining control of our breathing , practising basic meditation etc.  I  think it’s a very important documentary and should be made available to all people regardless if they are addicted or depressed as the best way to go is to prevent it from happening or at least come to a point where it can be discussed and solved .

If we can teach these techniques to especially children and parents  or in some way  make these methods mainstream it will be  a much better and calmer world to live in ! It’s a very brave and real documentary and relevant to anyone and everyone.

We all need to gain control of our minds we have to let go so we can all be free of whatever it is that make us react in ways that is disturbing for those around us and harmful to ourselves.

I give it big thumbs up I really needed to see this!

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