Welcome to The South African Recovery Film Festival 2015

SACAP is proud to be in partnership with the South African Recovery Film Festival and to support this critically important and successful national event, now in its 3rd year.

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South Africa is struggling with a vast array of socio-economic challenges.  Crime, poverty, family breakdown, violence, sexual and domestic abuse and the rape of children are all part of a vicious cycle of trauma and dislocation that are ravaging our society.

Drug and alcohol abuse as well as other forms of addiction are deeply enmeshed in this phenomenon as both causes and symptoms of the problem.

The South African Recovery Film Festival acts as a catalyst for positive change.  Using film as an extremely powerful edutainment medium to share in the trials and tribulations of real life people who have struggled with addiction, the festival draws the spotlight on the psychosocial causes and effects of addiction and helps to destigmatise it.

Most importantly, the hopeful theme of recovery underscores the entire event, highlighting the solutions that exist and demonstrating through the powerful success stories of ordinary heroes that addiction can be beaten.

The South African Recovery Film Festival therefore aligns fully with SACAP’s own vision of an empowered society in healthy relationship with self, family and community.

By positively addressing the challenges that we face as a society, educating and up-skilling, taking action and then motivating others to do the same by celebrating our successes, we can create a virtuous cycle of personal growth and recovery towards the actualization of our vision.

Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the organisers of this year’s festival who have assembled a superbly exciting line up of local and international film.  Best wishes for a successful event.


Lance Katz

Chief Executive
SACAP (The South African College of Applied Psychology)

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