Addiction Experts Talk Recovery At Film Festival

Each year we try and stimulate debate around the issues of addiction, mental health issues and recovery at the Film Festival, and beyond.

Our post film Q&A’s often provide a space for differing views and opinions to be heard.We are proud to announce this year’s line up of speakers, who will contextualize the films, give some insight and opinion and facilitate post screening Q&A’s.

We have speakers from a variety of professions and backgrounds, you can see a full list and biographies here.

A special mention in the speaker line up should be afforded to Shaun Shelly of the Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health, UCT, who is also Project, Policy, Advocacy & Human Rights Manager at TB/HIV Care Association. Shaun will be speaking after Kingdom Of Shadows on Friday 23rd September before flying to London on the next day where he is being awarded awarded an OSF Fellowship in International Drug Policy. Earlier this year Shaun was the driving force behind the first RUN2016 SA Drug Policy Week which allowed international and local experts across various disciplines to discuss and debate drug use and drug policy in South Africa.

Kingdom of Shadows

See the Kingdom Of Shadows trailer here.


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