My Name Was Bette screens on Saturday 24th September as part of this year’s Recovery Film Festival.


The film made by Sherri VandenAkker is an intense and moving account of her mother’s struggle with alcoholism. Bette was a nurse, a wife and a mother, and an alcoholic who died from her illness in 2007. The film takes a personal, detailed look at the physical, emotional and mental toll of the disease as well as it’s effects through out family and generations. Sherri wanted to offer both a sense of reflection and hope for those affected by the illness, and clearly shows that pain heals, damaged relationships mend, and this recovery process can and does benefit families and communities.

The after film speaker Bev Lodge a highly experienced addictions counsellor, and a highly respected figure in the addiction treatment and recovery communities. It’s a great time for Bev to be on the platform as Life Matters, the Outpatient Treatment Program she co-founded with Wion Visagie celebrates it’s 3rd year of operations.

With a particular empathy for women with substance dependence issues, Bev is the perfect voice to talk after My Name was Bette.


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  1. I’m a male member of Alcoholics Anonymous. My experience in AA has taught me that the stigma of alcoholism has a far more deeper and painful effect than what it has to men. And this makes it even more difficult for those ladies affected to come forward to seek help. This movie is a “must see”. I certainly would like to see it. Wendell B.


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