Screening followed by a Mindfulness Practice.


We are happy to be showing one of last years most popular films for a second time, No Time To Think. Focusing on the problem of technology addiction
– a concern that has, in recent years, drawn
considerable attention from media outlets, scientific
research and, most significantly, parents of children
and young adults who use technology for social
contact and education – this film examines the work
of Dr Hilarie Cash, psychiatrist and co-founder of the
ReStart Internet and Technology Addiction Recovery
Program, which attempts to break the cycle of
technology addiction by re-introducing patients to the natural world without their devices while introducing new ways to regulate their time with technology.

More and more the invasiveness of technology, and it’s 24/7 access to problematic content such as gaming, pornography and gambling, is presenting to health care professionals – but, we can’t live without it.

The film looks at solutions, imagining a healthy relationship with technology enhancing life instead of compromising it.

The screening will be followed by a Mindfulness Practice session led by Mandy Johnson and Toni Shaked of The Mindfulness Centre, a practical opportunity to consider the message of the movie.

No Time To Think screens 14.00 Sunday 25 September, please book limited space available.


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