Why does my ipad mini say disabled

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2019-09-21 23:07

Jun 24, 2015 My 5 year old has a mini ipad and knows how to go to settings to change her password. She just wanted her own password because I have one on my iphone. I will, , , , once I get her ipad mini straightened out and unlocked, I will be sure to hide her settings icon on about the 4th screen within a square so she cant find it.If you keep entering a wrong password, your iPad will become disabled for a certain period or time, such as 1 minute. Finally, if you continue entering a wrong password, the iPad will become disabled for longer periods of time. why does my ipad mini say disabled

Apr 07, 2011  iPad is disabled. Try again in 15 minutes. Discussion in 'iPad' started by LadyHoneyBabe, Jun 1, 2010. My iPad also displayed the iPad is disabled

why does my

Have you ever picked up your iPad, only to discover it has been disabled by your curious children who entered Apple says the iPhone doesn't listen to your iPad mini; iPad Pro; iOS 11; iPhone. iPhone; Incredible! iPhone is Disabled, try again in minutes! How to fix it if your iPhone is disabled?why does my ipad mini say disabled Has your iPad disabled and now needs to connect to iTunes? Click here to find an answer from a Mac Expert. My iPad says disabled connect

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If your iPad has become permanently disabled, your only choice will be to reset it back to its factory default state. This is the state it was in when you first got it. This may seem like punishment, but it is actually for your own protection. why does my ipad mini say disabled You can set your iPad to require a Apple: IOS: Forgotten Passcode or Device Disabled After Help for Unlocking Your iPad When It Is Locked& Says Connect iPad Recovery Mode: Fix a Locked or StuckatApple to bypass the normal operation on your iPad. If the iPad has been disabled or something went wrong with It does the iTunes logo on the iPad, and the computer says it's updating something or other (the Update option above) but once it's done that the iPad switches on again and shows the same iPad disabled screen.