Sound effects stays on ipad screen

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2019-08-17 15:31

Apr 28, 2012 If your volume rocker switch is jammed the sound icon stays on the screen. Try moving volume up and down, make sure the switch is responding properly and returning to its neutral position when released.Feb 10, 2014  If the sound icon is stuck on the screen, then the pad thinks you are pressing the volume rocker on the side of the pad. Do you have a case or something that might be touching that rocker? Some have reported that they have put a small dent in the pad body that presses the switch. If so, you need to somehow indent it. Try a reboot. sound effects stays on ipad screen

IPad 3: : Audio Not Working Gray Sound Effects Icon Comes Up When Trying To Adjust Volume Unable To Startup Screen Comes For A Second And Disappear Why Opening An Email Message The Screen Disappear And Become Black

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Remove Sound Effects Sign From Screen? Jul 4, 2012. The sign is stuck in the middle of my screen and I can't remove it. View 5 Replies Similar Messages: The sound effects icon on my ipad stays in centre of screen. An icon has appeared on my samsung home screen of a file with a green star in the top left hand side when i open this a black screen appears what is; How do i change the screen lock slider, it has the padlock on the left and the camera icon on the right. i want it to have the sound on off icon on; On my ipad the sound effectsound effects stays on ipad screen Jul 15, 2013  For the past few weeks, the Sound Effects icon gets displayed permanently on the screen while I am using my iPad 2. It does disappear when I use Vol

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A sound effects icon has appear in the middle of my iPad screen and it won't go away. How can I get it to Answered by a verified Mac Support Specialist sound effects stays on ipad screen Dec 12, 2012 My sound effect symbol was coming on because I was standing my ipad up as I was using it. The volume button was touching the counter top. The volume button was touching the counter top. # 7 Answerman, Dec 12, 2012 Sound and speaker has stopped working on iPad, Solutions and Fixes. If you have no sound on your iPad iPad 2 iPad Mini and iPad Air volume bar it is unbelievably frustrating as you most probably already know. Oct 11, 2014  If the volume buttons on your iPad have been stuck and the volume HUD keeps showing up when it isn't supposed to, this