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Here is a list of digital telephone calling feature codes for controlling your phone. These Star Codes are used by AT& T, and other telephone companies.Phone features (and their star codes) A list of phone features I occasionally need to know, all gathered into one place. Why don't they list this in the front of the phone book? *69 phone feature

Lastcall return, automatic recall, or Vertical service code 69; 1169 on rotary phonepulse dial the feature is commonly marketed by telephone companies as a

phone feature

Calling Feature Codes Reference Sheet 69 Call Return SINGLE Deactivates the feature so that your phone call will not be interrupted by other incoming calls 70 Star () 67 can be dialed on a telephone prior to inputting the desired contact number; this prevents the dialer's number from being seen on the Caller ID by the individual on the receiving end of the phone call. This feature allows the caller to remain anonymous. Utilizing star () 67 blocks both*69 phone feature Jun 04, 2007 Best Answer: First of all, you cannot use the 69 feature on a cellphone. It is called a i wish that cell phones had that feature,

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Activates the call return feature for the last incoming call. Press 69 to redial the number of the last Pick up phone; Dial the code for the feature you want *69 phone feature Automatic Callback (Call Return 69) You can still make and receive calls during the period the feature is activated but your phone will ring back only if your Learn about Verizon Fios Digital Voice (FDV) and traditional home phone voice Star Codes that can help you quickly manage your calling features.