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LED Blinker Notifications. Not all Android phones have notification lights. If yours doesnt, check out the paid LED Blinker Notifications app. It gives you the same control over notification colors and blink timing as the other apps, putting theStep 4: Customize Your LED Notifications. From within Light Manager, you'll have options to change the LED settings for different types of notifications. To change the notification light for each of these types of messages, simply touch the one you want to change and select a new color. android app change notification light color

How to Customize Notification LED Color on Android. In order to light up your notification LED in the color select the app you wish to change notification

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How to change the LED notifications on Android. To change the color of your LED, you have to download a free third party app in the Play Store called Light Manager. Light Manager LED Settings. Once downloaded, you have to grant it permission to access your notifications. How to change your Androids notification light colors June 27, 2014 by Marc Knoll Leave a Comment If your Android phone or tablet has a notification LED, then you know how convenient it can be app change notification light color I am basically just experimenting with Android development, and a couple of days ago I came across this app called Go SMS Pro , which, among other things, can set up notifications in different colors (blue, green, orange, pink and light blue).

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Select the Application you want to enable change the LED color for. Set it up according to your liking and save the settings. You can also set sounds and vibrations for the notifications using this application. Just go through the supported apps and utilize your Notification LED for those apps as well. Thats all. android app change notification light color Customise The Notification LED On Your Android When you first start Light Flow, the app and then assign the color by tapping on the Notification Color Before I start talking about changing the color of your LED notification light, its important to understand that not all Android devices can do this. For the most part, Nexus, LG, Sony, and Samsung phones can change the color of their LED light with a few tweaks.