Iphone 6 volume decibels

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2019-09-21 18:13

Jan 27, 2015  The iPhone 6 had the loudest speakers on test, with a reading of 104. 5 dBA, beating the larger Plus by 0. 4 dBA. The iPhone 4 was the quietest, at 92. 9 dBA, which was worsethis is a specification question. what is the max volume in decibels on the iphone 6 plus? ? i want to have a fairly accurate idea when i have my volume adjustment on my iphone and i'm listening to my music how loud it is in decibels. does anybody know the answer to that or know of an app that will give me that info. by knowing this i can look at the volume iphone 6 volume decibels

Dec 13, 2010 Trying to find how loud is the maximum level in an iPhone in db. Most of the times I have it below the middle, even 14 of the maximum. But sometimes, specially when running, I do increase the level up to 34.

iphone volume decibels

Decibels are useful in measuring sound because they can represent the enormous range of sound levels the human ear can hear using a more manageable scale. On the decibel scale, the softest sound that can be heard is 0 dB. iClarified (via Cult of Mac) recently updated their sound level test for iPhones to add the iPhone 5c, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus. The results will come as no surprise to anyone who owns one of the two newest iPhones the iPhone 6 is the loudest, at 105. 4dBA while the iPhone 6 Plus comes in second at 105. 0dBA.iphone 6 volume decibels Dec 06, 2016 How Loud Are Your Headphones? Image. Apple headphones. Credit Joshua Bright for The New York Times. like an iPhone 6 or an iPad. You could listen to that volume of 85 decibels for eight hours a day, and it would not impair your hearing over time.

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Jan 16, 2018 Lot of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users reported volume issues when using the iPhone. Volume for both phone and speakers are too low. Some times when user hit volume down button once, volume is depleted to zero. Even if users tap the volume up button, it still down goes to zero. Some times volume indicator disappears. iphone 6 volume decibels The results are in terms of decibels below full volume setting. The steps are way larger than Id like and its frequently annoying. This is for an iPhone 6S. For example, 2010s iPhone 4 (92. 9 dBA) is the quietest iPhone Apple has made, while the iPhone 6 (105. 4 dBA) is slightly louder than its plussized sibling the iPhone 6 Plus (105. 0 dBA). Check out the video and the complete results below.