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Sometimes if a crank phone quits working, try cranking backwards a little bit. If the crank mechanism is a little sticky, the retract mechanism may stick in the crank mode, and not revert to talk mode.From the EE8 Technical Manual TM (March 1945): Regarding differences in the models EE8, EE8A and EE8B, the first two are on an aluminum chassis and the B ee8 telephone manual

The technical manual for the EE8 phones is TM. Successor Equipment to the EE8 Field Telephone The rugged lightweight Telephone Set TA312PT was the main successor to the EE8 field phone.

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Working EE8 field phones for reenactment. How to test and use your EE8 field phones. First make sure that screw switch is turned to LB. As a little summer project, I bought a set of EE8B field phones and put them to the test, following the procedures in TM. This article covers the bits of it you need to know to test if yours works VTS INDUSTRIAL COMPANY. Old or Antique Telephone Repair, Military Telephone Repair, & Field Phone Repair Parts IMPORTANT NOTICE:ee8 telephone manual Manual for field telephone EE8& EE8A (1945) by hpiraino6969 in Types Instruction manuals, Military, and Field

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Army, Field Manual, Military telephone United States Handbooks, manuals, etc. , Technical Manual, Military telephone, Armed Forces. Publisher Washington: U. S. G. P. O. Collection wwIIarchive Differences in models of Telephone EE8() 4 8 II. Application of Telephone EE8(). Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader ee8 telephone manual These are covered in TM (only2 digits away from the EE8 manual number of TM ). War Department, 29 Oct 1943, Change 1, Dec. 1944. The BD71 is a 6 line board weighing 58 lbs. and the BD72 is a 12 line board weighing 81 lbs. EE8Bs were built before electronics got tiny and confusing, and there's a complete wiring diagram on the inside of each phone. Telephone Operation Users Manual. TM WAR DEPARTMENT TECHNICAL MANUAL FOR THE EE8B TELEPHONE. The EE8 Field Telephone was used by the Signal Corps from before World War II through the Vietnam War. It was housed in leather, then canvas, and its last production had a nylon case and straps, after the changeover to that material in 1967. Manual in Russian EE8A 1943 SIG 8EE8 Army Service Forces Catalog Signal Supply Catalog