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2019-08-17 21:39

The architecture of Windows NT, a line of operating systems produced and sold by Microsoft, is a layered design that consists of two main components, user mode and kernelPlatform parity means that the phone OS is now based on the Windows NT kernel instead of the Windows CE kernel. Windows Phone Apollo uses the Core System from Windows 8, which is a minimal Windows windows phone nt kernel

Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8 The rise of the NT kernel. Another shift came when Microsoft introduced Windows Phone 8 in June 2012. The change here though was more about the underlying bits of the OS, referred to as the kernel.

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Jun 20, 2012 It's not a complete surprise, but it's still a little bit shocking that it's actually happening Windows Phone 8 will be borrowing much of its code base, including the kernel, from Windows 8. At the heart of the latest mobile OS from Microsoft is the fullfledged NT kernel. It's not just a kernel Big boost Microsoft says the kernel version for Windows 10 will jump from 6. 4 to 10. 0windows phone nt kernel Tech Windows NT coming to phones with Windows Phone 8 As expected, Microsoft now has a common kernel between phone, tablet, desktop. Peter Bright

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Comparison of Microsoft Windows versions Jump to Windows Phone. As of 2013 The Windows NT kernel powers all recent Windows operating systems. It runs on IA32, x64 and Itanium processors. Name Architecture Store Integrated firewall SMP support USB support UDMA support Long filename support Package management Update windows phone nt kernel The rumors were true: Windows Embedded is out and the Windows NT kernel is in with Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.