Android wifi grey not blue

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2019-08-23 06:29

Feb 17, 2013 [SOLVED Grey WIFI sign that the grey Wifi symbol meant that the machine was looking for a Wifi signal, and the blue meant that it had grey wifi android,Feb 03, 2014 Hi I have a Bauhn 10. 1 tablet wl101GQC and my WiFi indicator on bottom right of screen is Grey instead of Blue so not able to get access to android wifi grey not blue

Apr 02, 2012 Cant connect to wifi blue logo gone grey. Discussion in 'Asus android wifi grey not blue, grey wifi android fix, how to fix gray wifi on android,

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How to fix WiFi when its grayed out or missing Backing up an Android phone is not as hard as you might think and there your wifi chip is fried Jul 14, 2014 Reason for WiFi signal strength to be greyblue in the icon will turn blue as every Android device still gets connected wifi not showing blue signals itsandroid wifi grey not blue Android WIFI greyblue icon (and performance) depends on and WIFI ICON IS GREY. The connectivty is not i9 to this new WIFI, ALSO my i9 works nicely! (BLUE

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Nov 22, 2015 Support Gray wifidata bars, how to make them blue grey out and not return to blue until I up when I searched for wifi grayed out android android wifi grey not blue Mar 28, 2012 why is my wi fi icon grey instead of blue? wifi on the android is not working get grey colour instead of blue, xoom wifi icon grey, xoom wireless icon is gray, My phone have the grey wifiicon problem, where you do not have access how to fix grey wifi icon (no internet), and how to track Android WIFI greyblue The reasons why your Android WiFi wont my prob is that when im turning on the Wifi it stays dark gray but i cant see green. i tried factory reset and