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You can imagine the depreciation rate of mobile phones from the fact that It Recently in India, a feature phone by name Detel D1 is launched at Rs. 299 only. It is not a smartphone but a basic feature phone, and it is the cheapest so far. .BMT Rate Finder is an easytouse tool to find out the effective life and depreciation rate for any residential or commercial plant and equipment asset. How to use Search by asset: To search by asset simply type the asset mobile phone depreciation rate 2017

The depreciation rate of a mobile phone based on the Commissioners effective life estimate of 3 years is. 66. 67 on a diminishing value basis; or; 33. 33 prime cost; The effective life of a mobile phone is published by the Commissioner in the Effective Life Tables, Table B.

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straight line depreciation method the rate is 21. Original cost Depreciation rate Depreciation claimed Adjusted tax value Year 1 1, 200 21 252. 00 948. 00 Year 2 1, 200 21 252. 00 696. 00 Year 3 1, 200 21 252. 00 444. 00 Year 4 1, 200 21 252. 00 192. 00 Year 5 1, 200 21 192. 00 0. 00 Simone can claim 252. 00 for the If you need a hand with the conversion of effective life in years to a depreciation percentage, weve built a simple spreadsheet in MS Excel which does the job. (PC windows versions only). The calculator converts number of years to a depreciation percentage rate so you can get an actual depreciation claim amount in phone depreciation rate 2017 use our automated selfhelp publications ordering service at any time; you need to know the full title, Guide to depreciating assets 2017, of the publication to use this service; phone our Publications Distribution Service on 1300 720 092. You can speak to an operator between 8. 00am and 6. 00pm Monday to Friday.

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ATO Tax Depreciation Rates Effective Lives. Below are the ATO effective lives for residential property as at the 1st of July 2016 from TR. If you'd like a PDF copy of this ruling, please feel free to get in touch. mobile phone depreciation rate 2017