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2019-08-17 16:28

MyGlass companion app for Google Glass receives first update since 2014. update of the companion app required for connecting a phone or tablet to Google Glass.Send messages to your contacts handsfree by saying ok glass, send a message to The voice action will bring up a list of your contacts. Say the name of the recipient or select their name from the google glass myglass app

Its raining updates for Glass Explorers! Since XE 16, Glass software updates are rolling out at a very rapid pace. XE 17. 31 was rolled out last week and that added the experimental Notification Glance feature and also a

google glass myglass

Jun 21, 2017  MyGlass Lets you set up, manage, and add new features to your Glass device. If you don't have Glass, then downloading MyGlass has everything you need to set up and customize Glass. It's also where you go to enable new features and glass myglass app Dec 17, 2013  Sync photos from Glass to the app for easier sharing Bug Glad to see that the MyGlass app will make it into iOS 11! Google

Free Google glass myglass app

The MyGlass app for iOS lets you set up and configure Glass from your iOS devices. After Glass is paired and tethered to your phone, screencast your Glass display to your iOS device, use turnbyturn directions, and manage your contacts and Glassware. google glass myglass app The MyGlass app helps set up your Glass and adds a few other features like identifying your location for turnbyturn directions, sending and receiving SMS messages, screencasting your Glass display,