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2019-09-20 17:49

While browsing the internet on your Samsung Galaxy S4, (or two) of your status bar. Android hasn't had an equivalent featureuntil now. Video: .May 31, 2013 hi all i just bought s4 and after using it for a day i noticed that at the top where the status bar is, is filled with icon anging from facebook to galaxy s4 statusbar for android

Home Mobile Android Change the Galaxy S4 Statusbar Color According to the Color According to the App Background. By. The statusbar on the Galaxy S4 is

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Android Status Bar Icons one question we keep getting over and over again is regarding those icons on status bar android the Galaxy S4 glossary After the Update to Android Lollipop on my Samsung Galaxy S4 i have a star symbol in my notification bar. What is it? Explanation:galaxy s4 statusbar for android The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone has a lot of features, options, and settings. Surely you've seen an odd icon appear in your notification bar up top and

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Follow this guide to update Galaxy S4 to Android 6. 0 Marshmallow based crDroid custom firmware. Force expanded notifications on expanded statusbar Power menu and galaxy s4 statusbar for android NaldoTech. News. YouTube dark theme for Android app rolling out now How To: 4 Ways to Clean Up the Status Bar on Your Galaxy S6 (Without Rooting) By Dallas Thomas; How To: Completely Hide Your Status Bar on Your Android For which function does the eye icon in the status bar of my Samsung Galaxy S4 stands for? Here we give you a brief explanation and how to disable that function.