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2019-09-16 07:24

iPhone CtrlZ2.How to Undo and Redo Typing On an iPad and iPhone. Thankfully, iOS for iPad comes with both Undo and Redo buttons that work precisely the way ControlZ and ControlY work in Windows. To Undo Typing on iPad. If you happen to type something that you want to undo, tap on the 123 button on iPads keypad. ctrl z trong iphone

Quick iPhone Tip. How to UndoRedo a typing operation on your iPhone similar to CTRLZ in Windows or CMDZ on a Mac.

ctrl z trong

iphoneCtrlZ() twitter Como deshacer en el iPhone (CtrlZ en PC) Si has escrito algo en el iPhone y sin querer lo has borrado, no hace falta que lo vuelvas a escribir, UagitaU el iphone y te sale la opcin de deshacer.ctrl z trong iphone Jun 06, 2013 ControlZ on an iPad Controlz (commandz on a Mac) is one of my favorite things about the computer era. As most of you know, it is the computer command for undo last action.

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I just tried it on my iPhone with the new OS and it worked. However, you do have to shake it hard. I guess so you wouldnt do it by accident. ctrl z trong iphone Is there any redoundo commands for office in windows phone? I don't know about android or iphone, Ctrlz command for windows phone?