Apple iphone 4s battery issues fixed

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2019-09-21 06:36

Troubleshoot shortened battery life on your Apple iPhone 4s Last Updated: Nov 23, 2015 This article helps you troubleshoot battery life issues on your Apple iPhone 4s.If your iPhone has any damage that impairs the replacement of the battery, such as a cracked screen, that issue will need to be resolved prior to the battery replacement. In some cases, there may be a cost associated with the repair. apple iphone 4s battery issues fixed

Apple confirmed that 'a small number of customers' have reported problems with battery life in the new iPhone 4S and other devices that run on the iOS 5 operating system.

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Apple today verified that there are bugs causing the battery problems many iPhone 4S users have recently reported. In a phone call to Macworld on the battery life issues, Apple's Natalie Harrison said the problems were with iOS 5 itself and affect more devices than just the iPhone 4S. Tim Cook Apple CEO talks about the iPhone 4S in Cupertino, California: Apple promises a fix for the device's disappointing battery lifeapple iphone 4s battery issues fixed Fix Apple iPhone SE Battery Issue on quick draining and other powerrelated problems [Recommended Solutions by Felix July 14, 2018, 12: 00 am 1 Comment This post addressed a battery issue on the# Apple iPhone SE (# iPhoneSE), wherein the battery drains so fast and that the battery life is shorter than whats originally indicated in the

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The vast majority of iPhone battery issues are software related. Well cover a number of proven iPhone battery fixes that I learned from firsthand experience with hundreds of iPhones while I worked for Apple. apple iphone 4s battery issues fixed If your iPhone 4S is hanging with an Apple logo, or exhibiting some other software problem that prevents iTunes from recognizing it, you can force it into recoveryrestore mode and then use iTunes to restore the software. Apple Inc. (AAPL) has finally admitted that the iPhone 6 battery is causing sudden shutdowns. Now, it says, there's a software fix. iMobie Help How to fix iPhone 4s battery problem after updating to iOS 6. Read on this tutorial to find a solution.