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Originally the iOS app wasnt native and was notoriously slow on mobile but in August of 2012 Facebook finally launched the iOS native app and it performed twice as fast as its predecessor. Since that year the apps have gone through about 60 iterations and have become one of the most featurereached apps on mobile platforms.Learn how you can promote your mobile app to new potential users and get them to download the app with Facebook App Install ads. facebook ios app advertising

Feb 24, 2015 The Facebook Ads Manager app allows businesses to stay connected with their ad performance no matter where they are. Easily create and track Facebook ads from your mobile device with powerful and efficient mobile tools.

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Apr 22, 2015  The Being Apptentive Blog. Connecting and educating mobile enthusiasts from around the globe. 5 Pillars of a Successful Facebook App Install Ad Campaign. By: Guest Blogger. April 22, 2015 Share: Booming competition across the major app stores is making it increasingly difficult for app developers to get significant organic Ads Manager for iOS was built to help Facebook advertisers manage and create ads from mobile devices. Learn about the new app.facebook ios app advertising Why you shouldn't install Facebook's iOS apps Skip Facebook's iOS apps and just use Facebook in Safari instead More like this. iOS 9 beta shines on the iPad Air 2. iOS 9: Purify ad blocker ready for beta testing

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My app was rejected because of in Facebook sdk and Flurry SDK! I found an occurrence of in the latest Facebook SDK (3. 12) and Flurry SDK. Maybe you can facebook ios app advertising Tips for iOS developers: Learn how to promote an iOS app, market your iOS apps for iPhoneiPad on the App Store, and make a good profit. What if I don't install Facebook SDK in my app while promoting my app for installs through Facebook? What is the mobile app advertising cost on Facebook? How much do app developers spend for Facebook app install ads in 2015 on average? Oct 06, 2015  This ability, the company claims, makes Been Choice the first to block ads in Facebooks native iOS app. In addition, the app blocks ads in Pinterest, Pandora, Yahoo and the New York Times apps, among others. It also blocks sponsored posts, native ads, and preroll videos like those in news apps from CNN or CNBC, for