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2019-08-17 16:28

Android has gotten better over the years but there are still many things I dont like about it. To put it bluntly, I hate Android. I tried to support it and I actually liked it for a while.Ok, Here's the Dirt I've run Android since release. Owned an original Droid. I hate this platform and every device independent pixel of its implementation. It hate android

Feb 04, 2011 After doing a nice little hit piece on the 10 things I hate about BlackBerry, it's time for me to do one on Android. While I struggled a bit coming up with flaws on the BlackBerry, I didn't have much of a hard time with this list.

hate android

Why do people hate Android studio? Well, for me personally, because it seems I have to relearn how to compile native code on android every single year. They are constantly changing how things are done. I'm an Android user. Over the course of the past seven years, I've owned ten different smartphonesall of them powered by Android. This isn't due to some blind trust in Google or some unfounded hate for Apple, either, because I've always made sure to get my hands on each iPhone iteration along the way to see what it had to offer.hate android When designing a modular architecture or an Instant App the vertical dependencies can have only one direction: Feature modules depends on Base module, never viceversa.

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'How is that even possible' you'll say. Well, Android phones can now be a great choice even for people who hate Android. The Apple vs. Android battle will hate android Dec 30, 2017 DJI Go won't see my new tablet. Another household tablet has to be connected in a certain order. They'e very slow to try and fix these problems, if