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Resource ID# 0x0 If I navigate to a Tabbed Page with no tabs then all is good. I've added the toolbar and tab layouts as the guide instructedWhen your application is compiled, aapt generates the R class, which contains resource IDs for all the resources in your res directory. For each type of resource, there is an R subclass (for example, R. drawable for all drawable resources), and for each resource of that type, there is a static integer (for example, R. drawable. icon). This integer is the mat android content res resources

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mat android content

When I open MAT with converted hrpof file I get the following. class @ 0x40c Unknown, System Class 48 6, 216, 112 54. 20 Can some one tell what this means? This is asolutely greek to me. how on earth do I know which class in my code is leaking these. I was working on my android program and when I tried testing it I suddenly started getting an error that wentmat android content res resources Firefox Tracking Flags (firefox16 affected, firefox17 affected, firefox18 affected, firefox19 affected, firefox20 affected, firefox21 affected, firefox23 affected

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I am reusing ImageViews for my displays, but at some point I don't have values to put it. So how to clear an ImageView in Android? I've tried: mat android content res resources Contains classes for accessing application resources, such as raw asset files, colors, drawables, media or other other files in the package, plus important device configuration details (orientation, input types, etc. ) that affect how the application may behave. I am getting the following runtime error: File from xml type layout resource ID Alternatively, if you don't have a layout on LaunchActivity you don't need to have that activity as part of the possible activities that we