Ios vbo performance

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2019-09-20 11:23

Jan 29, 2015 Huge performance loss in Mesh. CreateVBO for dynamic meshes [ IOS level OpenGL on iOS, I've been optimizing VBO's and for Mesh performanceThe Ford Performance App communicates with the latest SYNC 3 technology overlaying performance data on the video being captured. Recording modes Each of the three modes has a unique display for recording, plus a distinct video overlay. ios vbo performance

I'm making an Android app and I need to draw some polygons using OpenGL ES. I'm able to render them but I'm disappointed with performance. I updated the code to use VBO but I didn't notice any

ios vbo performance

I am testing on an iPhone 5 running iOS. I've isolated my VBO handling into a single Browse other questions tagged ios performance opengles vbo or ask Aug 15, 2013 Huge performance loss in Mesh. CreateVBO for dynamic meshes [ IOS iOS: Fixed dynamic geometry performance regression inios vbo performance UPDATE: I've now wrapped the draw setup (ie. the attrib binding calls) into an VAO and now performance is ok, even slightly better than drawing from main memory. So my conclusion is that VBO support without VAOs is broken on iOS.

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VBOX Performance Test iOS App User Guide Issue 1 The Performance Test application saves a. VBO data file from each completed performance test to iOS ios vbo performance VBO does really improve your performance. VBO is perfect, if you have a static geometry once copied, no additional overhead on every draw call. CA will do copy your data from client memory to gpu memory every drawcall. Where with no VBO its only going to allocatecopy for 'active particles'(based on the number of indices i send). Granted this is a very specific optimization case and I will do some testing if it becomes a bottleneck.