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Cisco UCS Director is a unified infrastructure management solution that makes it easier to manage Vblock, FlexPod, and VSPEX environments.Cisco UCS Director tests the connection to the NetApp server. If that test is successful, it adds the NetApp account and discovers all infrastructure elements in the server that are associated with that account, including the server's information, slots, processors, memory, and NICs. cisco ucs director mobile app

Cisco UCS Director enables automated delivery of physical and virtual data center resources, empowering data centers to move at the speed of business. AppFormix is an optimization and management software platform for public, private and hybrid clouds.

cisco ucs director

UCS Director is very comprehensive data center automation tool that delivers powerful automation and orchestration capabilities for UCS standalone, UCSbased converged infrastructure like FlexPod, Vblock, Verastack, PureStack, SmartStack etc. . as well as Cisco and 3 rd party DC devices including L4L7 devices. The latest release of UCS Director includes new functionality to enhance orchestration and make it easier to use workflows to deliver infrastructure automation across compute, network, storage and virtualization from the data center to disaster recovery, ROBO, and edge ucs director mobile app Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) and servers unify computing, networking, management, virtualization, and storage access into a single integrated architecture. This unique architecture enables endtoend server visibility, management, and control in both bare metal and virtual environments.

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Find this session in the Cisco Live Mobile App 2. Click Join the Discussion 3. Install Spark or go directly to the space 4. Enter messagesquestions in the space How Cisco UCS Director Creating and Utilizing Custom Tasks and Script Modules cisco ucs director mobile app UCS Director Mobile is the industry first iOS application for data center orchestration. UCS Director Mobile works with Cisco UCS Director to manage and provision physical and virtual infrastructure from iPad or iPhone. Cisco has announced that UCS Director will ascend into the cloud as part of a new infrastructure management service named Intersight. Due to launch in Q4, 2017, Intersight is the product spawned by Cisco's Starship server management project and will eventually gain all of UCS Director's and UCS Central's features. The Cisco UCS Director 5. 0 v1 demonstration on Cisco dCloud shows how this Cisco solution unifies and automates endtoend IT converged infrastructure management processes by abstracting the complexity of individual devices, hypervisors, and