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WAP Push traffic paths implement the BEA Extended Web Services WAP Push interface. Although the specific interface is not standardized, it uses standardized elements. For more information on these elements, see Appendix A: Standards and Specifications in the Architectural Overview, anotherWireless Application Protocol (WAP) Overview The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is a worldwide standard for the delivery and presentation of wireless information to mobile phones and other wireless devices. overview of wap push

WAP Push Overview. WAP Push remains the premier method of delivering multimedia content to mobile handsets in the market today. MX Telecom can also provide the tools to design a WAP site and will host this site for you. A WAP Push is effectively a specially formatted SMS within the header of which is included a URL.

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Sending a WAP Push using HTTP Overview. This page describes how to send a WAP Push message through the SMS Gateway. For On receiving a WAP Push, a WAP 1. 2 (or later) enabled handset will automatically give the user the option to access the WAP content. This is also known as WAP Push SI (Service Indication). A variant, known as WAP Push SL (Service Loading), directly opens the browser to display the WAP content, without user interaction. Since this behaviouroverview of wap push Wap Push ( Question And Summary ) with HTTP and SMS NowSMS

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WAP Push Technology Overview Table of Contents Introduction. . 4 overview of wap push WAP push is a type of text message that contains a direct link to a particular Web page. When a user is sent a WAPpush message, he receives an alert that, once clicked, directs him to the Web page via his WAP browser. WAP messages replace the need to include a link in a message. Instead the user WAP Push is a SMS within the header of which is included a link to a WAP address. On receiving a WAP Push, the compatible mobile handset automatically gives the user the option to access the WAP content on his handset. Push Framework the entire WAP push system. The push framework encompasses the protocols, service interfaces, and software entities that provide the means to push data to user agents in the WAP client. Push Initiator the entity that originates push content and submits it to the push framework for delivery to a user agent on a client.