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Swift 2. x. Assuming you want an action alert on iOS: 1. Create the alert controller. var alert Some Title , message: Enter a text , preferredStyle: . Alert) 2. Add the text field.In apps that run in versions of iOS prior to iOS 8, use the UIAlert View class to display an alert message to the user. An alert view functions similar to but differs in appearance from an action sheet (an instance of UIAction Sheet). alert with text field ios swift

Since text fields in the alert have an index, we've selected the first one at position 0. Later on we'll see how to add multiple text fields to an alert. Once you've tapped the Submit button in your alert, the Xcode console will print the text you've entered and dismiss the alert.

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In line 7, I create a view controller for displaying an alert to the user with an alert as the preferred style. In line 8, I create 1 action with the title OK . In line 9, I add the action to the alert created in line 7. Then, I add a text field to the alert and finally, I In my previous post titled Display an Alert or Action Sheet Using Swift in iOS 8 I showed you how to create and display an alert using Swift and iOS 8. In this post I will take that a step further and show you how to display a text entry field in an alert to get input from the user and use that input back in the application.alert with text field ios swift I have 4 textfields on a register screen and i have it set up so that when the user presses next on each text field, the next text field is focused. Code below: func focusing a text field in swift. Ask Question. Swift 2 iOS 9 animation disappears after button text changed. 0.

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I have an AlertController with a text field and two button: CANCEL and SAVE. This is the code: @IBAction func addTherapy(sender: AnyObject) let addAlertView New alert with text field ios swift When configuring an alert with the UIAlert style, you can also add text fields to the alert interface. The alert controller lets you provide a block for configuring your text fields prior to display. The alert controller maintains a reference to each text field so that you can access its value later. Questions: Im trying to make an alert message with input, and then get the value from the input. Ive found many good tutorials how to make the input text field. but I cant get the value from the alert. Answers: Updated for Swift 3 and above: 1. Create the alert controller. let alert After we have implemented our text field, we now need to tell our UIAlertController to add our text field. Here we have an option to use the text fields closure block to do additional work. In my closure block Ive decided to add a place holder. Step Four: animated: true, completion: