Ios initialize nsarray with integers

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Arrays are one of the most commonly used data types in an app. You use arrays to organize your apps data. Specifically, you use the Array type to hold elements of a single type, the arrays Element type. An array can store any kind of elementsfrom integers to strings to classes.For example, if you stored the NSNumber object into an NSArray, you might have something like this: NSInteger someInt [[tmpArray objectAtIndex: 0 integerValue; In this case I am assuming the NSNumber object was stored in a plist which was an array of objects. I then convert the value at index 0 to an integer (using the method ios initialize nsarray with integers

Initializing Arrays. You can initialize an array in ObjectiveC either one by one or using a single statement as follows double balance[5 1000. 0, 2. 0, 3. 4, 17. 0, 50. 0; The number of values between braces can not be larger than the number of elements that we declare for the array between square brackets [. Following is an example to

ios initialize nsarray

I have a PickerView and I want to initialize it with integer values. For example PickerView with all integers lower than 10. Thank you static NSArray titles1 nil; @implementation And define it in init or awakeFromNib or any other method like viewDidLoad, wherever you want.ios initialize nsarray with integers I'm trying to store an array of integers to disk in swift. I can get them into an NSData object to store, but getting them back out into an array is difficult. I can get a raw COpaquePointer to the

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Learn to Code iOS Apps 2: Strings, Arrays, Objects and Classes. Mike Jaoudi on July 19, 2013. Learn to Code an iPhone App. Welcome to Part 2 of the Learn to Code iOS Apps series! This series introduces you to the basics of programming with the goal of creating an iOS app; no prior programming experience is required. In the first tutorial ios initialize nsarray with integers I'm having troubles creating a property of an array of integers in Objective C. I'm not sure whether this is even possible to do in ObjC so I'm hoping someone can help me in finding out either how The NSArray class adopts the NSCopying, NSMutable Copying, and NSCoding protocols; custom subclasses of NSArray should override the methods in these protocols as necessary. Remember that NSArray is the public interface for a class cluster and what this entails for your subclass. You must provide the storage for your subclass