Phone home screen keeps refreshing

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2019-09-21 18:06

Apr 10, 2016 File Explorer Windows 10 screen keeps refreshing to the top in General Support After opening File Explorer in Windows 10 and scrolling down the navigation pane, after a few seconds the navigation pane returns to the top of the page.Oct 16, 2012 Everytime I hit the home button or back button to the home screen my phone keeps reloading. It takes about 15 seconds each time, groin the white HTC screen and then reloading all my home screen apps. phone home screen keeps refreshing

Sep 16, 2008  When I open Internet Explorer, the page keeps refreshing itself over and over, which doesn't allow you to go to a new website. The only way around it that I've found is to close the first tab and use the second tab which is set to the Dell support home

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I had issues with my S6 Active refreshing apps while I used it, so went in to trade up to an iPhone. AT& T convinced me to stay with Samsung with a free phone deal for the S8. If i right click anywhere it will quickly close because my computer keeps my mouse has the loading icon every secondphone home screen keeps refreshing Oct 08, 2012 Under System Settings Developer Options uncheck Do not keep activities. if this is checked, it basically kills all apps every time you go back to the home screen.

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Feb 08, 2012  When ever I use most of the applications on my phone including email and the internet, when I close out of them or hit the home screen button the screen goes white showing the green HTC logo on it then it loads like it would when turning the phone phone home screen keeps refreshing Home Howto iPhone black screen bug after iOS update, fix. iPhone black screen bug after iOS update, fix. After 2 days of updating iOS 11, my phone didnt open (black screen). I didnt do anything else, yet 30 minutes later the phone screen is black. The steps above are worthless with a black unresponsive screen. I cant even Feb 10, 2016 Windows 10 Screen keeps Refreshing I am having an issue, I updated from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and ever since my Windows 10 loaded my screen and taskbar constantly refresh. I have a Dell Inspiron N5110 it's a couple years old but I've never had an issue like this.