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How can the answer be improved?Restore your device to factory settings. Open iTunes on your Mac or PC. Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your computer with the cable that came with your device. If a message asks for your device passcode or to Trust This Computer, follow the onscreen steps. Select your iPhone, iPad, or iPod when it appears in iTunes. reset phone to factory

How to factory reset an iPhone or iPad How to reset your iPhone to factory settings. Delete apps& files to save space. That's the quick method, but if you just want to free up some How to rescue data from a wiped iPhone or

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You can find a great list of backup options right here. Find the Backup and reset menu. The Backup and reset menu should be easy to find on just about any phone. As the name suggests, the Backup and reset menu allows you to back up data and reset the phone to its original state. Factory resetting your phone remotely. Factory reset your Android device Open your device's Settings app. Tap System Reset. If needed, enter your PIN, pattern, or password. Tap Factory data resetReset phone or Reset tablet. If needed, enter your PIN, pattern, or password. To erase all data from your device's internal storage, tap Erase everything. When your device has finished erasing,reset phone to factory Solution Two: How to Reset iPhone without password via settings Step 1. Go to Settings General Reset, then tap Erase All Content and Settings. Step 2. When you are restarting your iPhone you will be greeted by the classic Hello screen Step 3. When you are presented with the 'Apps Data' screen, tap to 'Restore from iCloud Backup

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Factory Data Reset From the Home screen, select Apps. Touch Settings. Search for and touch Factory Data Reset. Touch Reset Device then follow the prompts to complete reset phone to factory How to factory reset an iPhone using iCloud Step 1: Prepare your iPhone for restoration. Step 2: Access the Reset menu. Tap the main Settings icon when viewing the home screen, Step 3: Reset your iPhone. Tap the blue Erase All Content and Settings option near the top, Step 4: Restore your iPhone. When you factory reset an iPhone, you're returning the phone to its goodasnew status, the condition it was in when it left the factory. There will be no music, apps, or other data on it besides the iOS and its builtin apps; you're completely erasing the phone and starting over from scratch.