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Jul 27, 2017 Rather than present a series of graphs for several ASP. NET applications, covering several hours and include counters to show cpu usage, memory usage, request execution time, etc. , I decided it might be easier for the customer to consume the data if was presented in a spreadsheet format.IIS timetaken and \ASP. NET\Request Execution Time relation up vote 0 down vote favorite I am aware that the IIS log entry timetaken field will also report networktime (under certain conditions ). applications request execution time

ASP. NET\Request Execution Time is an instance counter, and very volatile. On the other hand, time to last byte (TTLB) can be easily averaged and used to calculate a better estimate of performance over a period of time.

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Apr 17, 2018 ASP. NET uses the following configuration setting to limit the request execution time: You can also set this limit by using the Server. ScriptTimeout property. In one of our application we want our user to upload data up to 1GB and the most interesting part is we want this uploading via HTTP. I mean, we have plan to use FTP but that is for future. For now we need to make it with HTTP. Off course, uploading data in GBs requires much extra time then applications request execution time Jan 08, 2014  How to increase the time out for requestresponse? I create a report and send it back to the user. The problem is, database query takes a lot of time (approx 2 min). By that time, the request times out. How to set the time out for the request so that the user can get back the response? Atlas has now become Asp. net Ajax and

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Sep 17, 2010 We have also added 'Active Server Page' Counter on Performance tool to know the execution time of request that is taking more then 15 sec and what we found is that the 'Request Execution Time' counter shows high spikes during the time when the request is taking more then 15 seconds. applications request execution time Simply because for most ASP. NET apps, is the first ASP. NET module to process the request in the AuthenticateRequest stage. If you have a custom module or global. asax processing BeginRequest, expect to see that. The number of active request pipeline instances for the specified ASP. NET application. Since only one execution thread can run within a pipeline instance, this number gives the maximum number of concurrent requests that are being processed for a given application. Best way to ask this question is by way of example. . Take counters \ASP. NET\Request Execution Time& \ASP. NET\Request Wait Time. There are counters with the same name in the ASP. NET Applications bucket