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2019-08-17 15:41

Apple's update to the Health app is actually a great step forward for sexual health trackingand, hopefully, for the tech worlds attitude towards sex.The sexualactivity tracking feature will be included as part of a new reproductive health section within Apple's Health Kit app, which will be available with the iOS9 update. Users will be able to log the day and time that they had sex, and whether they used protection, according to news reports. sexual health apps iphone

The Irish app Sexual Health Guide, also available on the App Store and Google Play, provides a glossary of sexual health terms, the latest sexual health news, and information about sexual problems, contraceptives, and relationships.

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Sexual Health Guide (for iPhone and Android) This app comes from Irelands Global Internet Radio Technologies and serves as a huge encyclopedia of terms and tips. Topics range from contraception to myths about sex to sexual problems both men and women might encounter. Sexual health apps fail to attract smartphone users HIV and STD apps not fulfilling their potential to assist with prevention and care HIV and Your Heart the highest rated app featured in the studysexual health apps iphone That means there is a 1 in 4 chance you'll meet someone with an STD while dating. The popular dating app, Tinder announced a new feature in its app which provides users a link to STD testing sites to encourage its users to get tested.

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Also download: Mens Sexual Health (5. 49 on iPhone). Eyexam Find out whether your peepers have perfect 20: 20 vision or you need to sexual health apps iphone Download Sexual Health Guide 1. 4 for iPhone. This app lets you explore the world of sexual health giving information and advice on how to be sexually healthy. A range of If you want to sleep with someone, you launch the app and hand her your phone. Shes given three response choices: No, Thanks, Yes but. . . we need to talk; or, Im Good2Go. The craziest part: If she says yes to sex, the app asks her if shes drunk. Check out the sex positions apps, sexy foreplay apps, and more. Download these apps to try hot new positions, strengthen your Kegels, control your favorite vibrator, and more. Download these great sex apps if you want to spice up your sex life.