Nokia 5800 battery draining very fast

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2019-09-22 01:06

My nokia lumia 520 battery is draining fast after i updated to windows 8. 1. any solutions? It drains about 5 percentage each 5 minutes.Sep 19, 2008 For people experiencing sudden battery drain. the battery works very cool. . i have a looooong life time. I put back on the microSD and the problem is back the battery is empty in just a day or less. I was told if I don't use nokia battery the warranty is void. any ideas? , nokia 5800 battery draining very fast

pls give some tips for saving the battery life of s40s i already know s60s but my other cp is fast draining and where can i DL battery drainer for nokia s40 and s60 Menu Best Nokia Lumia Apps

nokia battery draining

According to the folks populating the WPCentral forums, Nokia's new flagship Lumia 920 is having some pretty serious battery issues. There's been a glut of users reporting in that their 920 is draining its entire charge in just a few hours. Others, though, are reporting no difference from the very My nokia 5800 is draining battery life in 5 mins. i was told the regulator in the mother board is the problem? 50 My nokia 2700 is taking my airtime and battery life and i was told to disconnect my internet. how do i do this?nokia 5800 battery draining very fast Eseries Communicators: : Nokia E71 Battery Drains Out In 8 Hours Feb 3, 2011. I have a nokia E71 and I am having problems with the battery. in standby with nothing working, not even in the background, it does not last more than 7 hours!

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Top Tips to boostextend battery life on (Nokia) Android Smartphones. How To& Tutorials; by Android Nougat comes with major battery drain improvements with Battery Saver mode which automatically adjusts the display& other parameters that are draining your battery. Find apps that are draining battery: It is also one of the very nokia 5800 battery draining very fast Jul 26, 2009 Nokia 5800 Battery Life Declined Fast Hi All, I have my 5800 about 2. 5 months now. (otherwise the mp3 would have drained the battery) not very scientific but interesting to note. i can have this thing on all day and is doesn't use too much battery. But the nokia 5800, leaving it on about 2 hours can almost use 70 of your battery. Find great deals on eBay for nokia 5800 battery. Shop with confidence. Nov 05, 2013  The battery drains too fast. It lasts only for 4 hours even with 2G data connection. Nokia Lumia 920; Battery drains very fast! : (Similar Threads. Surface 2 with cover turns on and drains battery in my bag. By g808 in forum Microsoft Surface 2 Replies: 13 Last Post: , 08: 13 AM. Trolling Battery? By iAdrian23 in forum