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Technology. Love it, or hate it or both. It can enhance and improve life. It can also be a distraction. More and more apps are available that can improve your relationshipmarriage by helping you connect (or stay connected) better withLasting is based off of decades of marriage studies from America's foremost marriage and behavior researchers. Lasting used these studies to marriage app for iphone

I love this app because you can change your focus to marriage, parenting, or kids and get different tips and advice. Focus on the Family is known for ministering to families and for their Biblical counsel and help.

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Download Marriage apps for iPhone. Reviews, screenshots and comments about Marriage apps like The Marriage Link, Lasting: Marriage Health App, Contract Nov 01, 2010 The Mind Over Marriage app offers what would seem to be amazingly personal service. Email your problem and the Mind Over Marriage folks will email you back some advice. While waiting for the reply, users can browse through a list of solutions to common marital problems, arranged by keywords.marriage app for iphone May 04, 2017 Keep your relationship healthy with the help of the App Store's top marriage health app. Due to popular demand, in this release, we're making it easier to pair your app with your partner's app! Now, everyone who downloads Lasting gets a free pairing code, and partners can immediately link up.

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A teenage girl used Apple's Find My iPhone app to help her secret boyfriend rescue her from a forced marriage thousands of miles away in Bangladesh. A court heard her parents tricked her into going on a sham holiday from their home in Leeds, West Yorks, as part of a plot to force her to marry her cousin. marriage app for iphone Sep 30, 2013 The Marriage App provides a daily boost to help you strengthen your marriage relationship: a story or word of encouragement, a verse of scripture, and a concrete suggestion for connecting with your spouse.