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2019-08-17 15:32

There are, however, still ways to reject the call without the decline icon present and put an end to the incessant ringing. To do this, you can simply double tap the power button at the top (iPhone 5SC or earlier) or side (iPhone 6 or 6 Plus) of your iPhone.If performed correctly, the screen should fade off and send the call to voice mail. Option 2 Decline Button If the phone is unlocked, you will have an option to decline the call decline phone call iphone

Are you feeling iOS 10 or iOS 11 missing call decline button? We found a way to reject an incoming call on iPhone when Slide to Answer appears on the lock screen.

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When your phone is locked however, which is likely to be most of the time, there is no apparent decline call button, with slide to answer the only option visible. Thankfully, theres still a way to decline calls on the iPhone even when locked. To do so, just press the lock button twice quickly. Decline a call, then get a reminder So, lets say a call comes in that you really do want to answerjust not right this second. One option is to decline with adecline phone call iphone Rejecting a call on the iPhone is a simple process that can be completed in two different ways. When you reject a call, the call is sent directly to voice mail, where the caller can choose to leave a message or not. To check the messages of your rejected calls, simply touch the phone icon and then the voice mail icon.

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2. Decline Icon Tap This is a popular iPhone call reject method. However, its only available when phone is unlocked. Simply tap the red Decline icon an your problem is solved. However, if device is locked, iOS will only provide the gesture option of Slide to Answer or the decline with Remind Me or Message. decline phone call iphone How can the answer be improved? Now, let's say you get a call, and if the only way to decline a call is by pressing the Sleepwake button, then, in order to maintain consistency, the phone would need to go to Sleep in addition to declining the call, if that button is pressed. To ignoresilence an incoming call, just press the sleepwake button once (that's the button which is at the very top of your iPhone) To rejectsend an incoming call to voicemail, press the sleepwake button twice.