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2019-09-20 16:55

Microsoft TechNet blog makes clear that Windows 8. 1 will not be patched; users must get Windows 8. 1 Update if they want security patchesMicrosoft has updated some of the selected devices to Windows 10 Mobile, but the company had kept supporting its earlier version Windows Phone 8. 1. This support is soon going to end with the company on its site confirming the news that the Mainstream Support for Windows Phone 8. 1 is going to end on July 11, 2017. windows 8.1 phone help

Windows Phone 8. 1 was released to developers on April 14, 2014. Although its a 0. 1 OS update, Microsoft has made hundreds of small changes throughout, improving everything from typing to phone calls to browsing the web.

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How to Activate Windows 8 and 8. 1 by Phone A product key is a 25digit number that's used to activate Windows 88. 1. Activation helps verify that Windows Jul 11, 2017  It's official: for all intents and purposes, the Windows Phone era is over. Microsoft has ended support for Windows Phone 8. 1 just over 3windows 8.1 phone help Get Windows 10 on supported Windows 8. 1 mobile devices. Take full advantage of the new Windows 10 on your mobile device; upgrade now from Windows 8. 1 to Windows

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When we were developing Windows 8. 1, we thought a lot about how to get you the help you need when you need itquick tips as well as indepth info. windows 8.1 phone help Read this Q& A to learn about Windows Phone 8. 1 End of Support. Windows Phone 8. 1, Heads up to those still hanging onto a Windows Phone 8. 1 device: mainstream support for the platform is set to end tomorrow, July 11. Aug 31, 2016 Learn how to check for, download, and install KB, an update for Windows 8. 1 and Windows RT 8. 1. If you need more help, contact Microsoft support.