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How to View HDR Photos on iPhone. You view HDR photos on iPhone the same way you view any photo on iPhone. Once you take your picture: Open the Photos app and select Camera Roll. If you have the Keep Normal Photo setting on, youll see both the normal photo without HDR and the HDR picture.5. How To Take An HDR Photo With Your iPhone Camera 6. Use Pro HDR X App For Ultimate HDR Control 7. Tips For Taking Amazing HDR iPhone Photos. 1. What Does HDR Mean? So youve seen the HDR setting in your iPhones camera app. But what does HDR mean? HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. iphone photo hdr version

Dear Lifehacker, I've got this setting called HDR on my phone's camera, but I'm still not sure what it does. It's supposed to make my pictures look better, but sometimes my pictures just come out blurry or washed out!

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Personally Im not entirely convinced HDR offers better results that classic photos; sometimes there is better contrast in HDR clouds and sky are usually overexposed in normal photos and HDR fixes this other times the HDR version looks fake, unnatural, with wrong colors or exposure. HDR photgraphy is a popular photographic technique which can be used to improve the photos you take with your iPhone and give more professional looking results. In this article well take a closer look at HDR photography and examine what HDR is, discover when and when not to use it, learn how to use HDR in a common native camera appiphone photo hdr version Dynamic PhotoHDR, free and safe download. Dynamic PhotoHDR latest version: Touch up photo blemishes of any kind.

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When you take an HDR photo, your device saves two versions of the image to the Photos app. One with HDR and one without. That way you can compare the two and use the one that you like most. To save space, you can turn off this feature and keep just the HDR version in your library. Go to Settings Camera Keep Normal Photo and swipe iphone photo hdr version HDR, an automated processing feature aiming to deliver a dummyproof photography method, will be included with the camera app on all iPhones running iOS 4. 1 when it ships next week. When you take a picture, HDR processes three versions of the image: an underexposed version, a normally exposed version, and an overexposed version. Want to stop iPhone HDR from saving two photos automatically to the Camera Roll? Check out this quick guide to save only HDR version of the photo on your iOS device A normal iPhone image (left) and an HDR iPhone image (right). Apple's version of HDR combines three images taken with the iPhone's back camera in quick succession. When iOS 4 is installed, a new HDR button appears to the right of the camera's flash button.